the blanket bug has struck

The blanket bug? Is this some new horrific disease or flu? No. It is the blanket square bug. I am now thoroughly addicted to knitting blanket squares. And why not when I have acquired such pretty mini-skeins of yarn? This is all from FatCatKnits.  I love her roving and this is my first time knitting with her yarn. I have to say, I really am pleased with it.


All of this is destined to become a Memory Blanket. I have watched my friends be drawn to sock scrap blankets but I never felt that desire until recently. Suddenly I have three … no four! different blankets on the go. I need my blankets to be a bit more planned right now. I can’t have the scrappy beautiful madness that I have seen on Ravelry. After winding all the skeins I have this handful of smooshy color love. So far I have three squares knit up. Once I have a few more I will share.



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