HPKCHC Fall Term

Well, over in Ravelry we have a Harry Potter themed game where you craft to get points. I’m a Slytherin and have been the whole time I have played. I love knitting, it is my therapy. That said, there is something about crafting for points to help your team win the House Cup which is rather motivating!

As a house, we have been on a pickle kick. Cracks me up. Ms Poppy Picklicious popped into the world and now is making cameo appearances all over the place. First off was detention where she introduced herself to everyone. Then she has shown up in pictures with my crocheted cord cover. The kid keeps taking my charging cord. He can no longer say that this one is his. Though I can see him borrowing it still.


I have been working on a couple of shawls where stitch markers make life easier. I have learned (finally) through trial and error that having stitch markers between the lace stitch patterns makes a huge difference when catching mistakes or staying on track. Now, do you think I have enough stitch markers that match anywhere in the house? Yeah, no. I didn’t. So I googled how to make the stitch markers that I like the most and then made a bunch! I’m pretty happy with the result. Here is Ms. Poppy and the stitch markers lounging in a pile of yarn.


I can’t believe that it is September already. It is good to get back into the Fall routine with the kid and dogs. I am a creature of routine and this makes so many things easier. Here is our first day of school shot. Winnie is growing like crazy. She is 3 times the size she was 10 weeks ago.


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