Becoming Geisha

Spinning yarn is very meditative for me. The repetitive motion of treadling and the soft hum of the wheel as the fiber flows through my fingers always leaves me feeling peaceful. Like knitting, I had stopped spinning for awhile as I was focused on all things quilting. The other night however I pulled out my spinning wheel in preparation of the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup that starts up again in September.  We craft for points and there are extra points awarded for yardage. Spinning is a great way to get points. That competitive side of me quite enjoys crafting for points. There is more purpose to it. I don’t set projects aside because I do not want to let me team down (GO SLYTHERIN!)


I have quite a stash of roving waiting to be spun up. I literally just put my hand in the chest and pulled out a bag. This time is was Spunky Eclectic from the monthly club that I received back in October 2013. The roving is Chevoit Sheepswool in the colour Geisha. I love plied yarn. I am always excited to see the difference from when it is in the roving to when it is spun up. I am not yet sure what I am going to make with this yet. I was thinking maybe some mittens and then sew in a soft flannel lining. There is about 370 yards of a light/heavy fingering weight yarn.

Ravely Handspun Page


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