Wild & Free

I seem to be all about the test knits these days. I think my hiatus from knitting for quilting left me with a need to have deadlines so I knew I would finish the projects. By having that pressure of a deadline it meant that I couldn’t be distracted by all the beautiful fabric and quilting. My quilting habit though is a completely different blog topic(s).

Originally called Boho Chic, the designer changed it to Wild & Free. I think it is fitting. The project literally flew off the needles. It was a fun knit.


The yarn bowl is from a wonderful coworker as a thank you for the help I have given her in her knitting adventures. The yarn is Tosh Merino Light by Madelinetosh. This yarn is absolutely beautiful. It soaks in color and has a great sheen to it. This shawl is still in need of being blocked, along with a few others. Here is the work in progress picture to show the awesome colors.


Of course, pictures of the a couple of the mutts. Whitley Magnolia at my feet and Winnie on the dog bed.

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